Why Choose WinFactor

Our greatest strength is the continuity and support provided by the same development team bringing the best software to some of the country's largest factors, since 1995.

One Easy System - One Monthly Bill

In WinFactor users speed from invoice entry, to credit verification and purchasing, to funding, billing, receipts and collections and never leave the platform. Our inclusive price includes all functions and features of the software. No premiums for extra functionality. No annual contracts. No bills and logins from third party apps.

WinFactor is Secure

Our AWS architecture is armored with rigorous permissions and secure multi-factor authentication. Our server redundancy across AWS ensures against downtime. We manage server storage and security for you.

White Label Program

WinFactor's white label program includes the Client Portal and WinFactorPay, a branded prepaid card offering fast funding and revenue share to the Factor. Our White Labeling service is free for IFA members! www.factoring.org

No Training Necessary!

Yep - it's true! WinFactor is designed for easy, intuitive use - so you are up and running in no time! Our WinFactor Academy provides a library of “Getting Started” videos and articles.

Client Portal

Our Portal supports manual and spreadsheet invoice submission and bulk upload of supporting docs and photos. Our Portal uses WinFactor's proprietary CreditMax to provide Buy/No Buy guidelines to inform your Clients' 24/7 hauling decisions. With WinFactorPay, clients can fund their prepaid cards 24/7 through the Client Portal.

Increased Productivity

Increases your productivity without increasing headcount! Optimize the full power of WinFactor's features to scale your business while controlling payroll costs.

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