Simple Pricing

We charge a simple flat rate of $.40 per invoice. That is it. Included in that price is every feature our software has to offer! (with a minimum billing of 1000 invoices per month)

No Premium Pricing for Extra Modules

It's all included in that one price. We want you to take advantage of every feature our software has to offer, without paying a premium for certain features. Premium features that will save you time and lower your, and your clients', risk.

No Per User Charges

You can have as many registered users as you want. But rest assured, WinFactor gets more done with less staff.

No Annual Contracts

We keep our clients by providing excellent software. Do you feel locked in by your current software provider? With WinFactor, you can cancel your monthly license at any time.

WinFactor allows you to scale your business without increasing your headcount.
Your factoring software is the public face of your company to your Brokers, Clients and their Customers. Your chosen software becomes the daily work experience of your team. Your software should be easy on the eyes, easy to use and easy to navigate.
Consider Payroll Savings:

Your factoring software works for you 24/7/365.

It is the hardest working key “employee” in your company! Your WinFactor software performs blazingly fast, reliably and accurately, with no vacation pay, healthcare or 401K to budget!

Regard the monthly cost of your software, not as a fixed utility expense, but rather as a direct offset to your payroll expense. WinFactor software has an efficient user interface which increases productivity and reduces frustration. How much do you value your most important employee?

Consider Bad Debt Reduction Savings:

WinFactor’s compliance-based workflow modules provide guard rails to keep your back office process organized and to protect your business. Missing paperwork, missed NOAs and other non-compliance issues cost you money. Our audit trails and alerts allow you to focus your training efforts on the right staff and on the most important issues. Consider the monthly cost of your software as it relates to its role in reducing bad debt and days to pay.

Consider Your Software Cost as a Percent of Your Fee Revenue:

As you consider your software cost, calculate the cost as a percent of your fee revenue. Our simple per invoice pricing allows you to connect the cost of each successful transaction with the total value of WinFactor's complete software package.