Feature rich without using 3rd party add-ons.

We started from humble beginnings, selling our first copy of WinFactor in 1995. Today our platform processes billions of dollars of transportation receivables each year.

What sets us apart is that we are the original architects of the software, and we are computer programmers. The team that develops the software, supports the software. What this means is that we are quick and agile to add features that can make a real difference in your business. New features are added continuously; and because our simple pricing plan is inclusive, you don't pay a premium to enjoy new features.

It also means that after nearly three decades of development, you can be certain that our software has the features you need to be efficient and lower your risks.

Our Exclusive Features
WinFactor is blazing fast and easy to use. Our proprietary features mitigate risk, manage credit, and process paper-intensive freight receivables. Designed for transportation factoring, WinFactor will calculate accurate fees and charges and generate reports at any step in the factoring transaction. Your bankers and auditors will love the clear verification and documentation that WinFactor offers.
Integrated Credit System
WinFactor's Credit Alliance and Early Alert system offers the industry's best risk mitigation through real time alerts that can save you thousands in external credit searches and reducing bad debt.
Image Processing
WinFactor digitally processes invoice documents, stamps and attaches the Factor's invoice and NOA, and sends it off to billing.
WinFactorPay provides the fastest funding option with prepaid cards for Clients and a revenue stream for Factors!
Workflow Modules
Our Workflow screens guide users through the factoring process based on industry best practices. This ensures due diligence and mitigates your risk.